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Bared... Hula Hula Who for 2010

Tagbilaran, Saturday, 9 January 2010

  • Feliz compleaños to Oliver Cimeni and Atty. Oscar Glovasa, Jan. 8; Jane Censoria Cajes, Jan. 10; Emerson Pinos, Jan. 11; and Cielo Gabin, Jan. 14.
  • We don't like to hear, heaven forbid, that when the bells ring at Nuestra Señora de la Luz Parish in the coming Sundays, hundreds of people will not go inside. Instead they will march outside, hoping to persuade an archbishop to remove their parish priest. Until now, the angry parishioners still "question" the integrity of their parish priest who allegedly misappropriated money from the church.
  • As we get older, we "age." Or do we? When our lola Jacinta Adtoon-Udtohan passed away on Jan. 3, 2010, barangay Booy in Tagbilaran City is now left with five or six elders (those who are 80+). My friends told me that "50 years old is young, 60 years old is at its peak and 70 years old is old." Our life span is getting shorter (unless there will be discoveries that man can live 1,000 years old) because we are eating unhealthy foods, which according to June Blanco, buhi pa ta pero gibalsamar na! We are living a stressful life that makes for us difficult to enjoy old age. In Tagbilaran City, we take care of our senior citizens and the city government remembers their birthdays. Sometimes, young people like me don't know the meaning of "age" maybe because we think we have eternity in front of us. "We have time to become old" is an old song...well, whether we like it or not, today's youth are tomorrow's old. Anyway, gracias por todo to the people of Caingget, Dr. Henya Tirol-Sotelo, barangay captain Junior Telmo, barangay Kagawad Buboy Doroy, former barangay captains Bogs Arabejo and Fabio Adtoon and Vice Mayor Toto Veloso.

And so 2009 is gone...and Year 2010 is just 10 days old today (actually, the Year of the Tiger in the Chinese New Year is on the 14th of February).

But as tradition dictates, Bared is dishing out its predictions for 2010.

Really now, I start to sound like a broken record everytime Hula Hula is out of print. Bared is reminding society watchers that telling the fortune of Bohol's who's who and famous personalities is easy as playing your Farmtown and Mafia! All you have to do is religiously monitor their moves, listen to updates from their "circle of friends" and attend parties and gatherings where they are visible. Without fail, you can surpass Madam Auring without the turban, crystal balls and tarots!

Astrologers say that the Year of the Tiger brings challenging times. It will transform the lives of all twelve signs of the Zodiac, some more so than others. 2010 is a year of drought, airplane crash, depression, lawsuits and insanity as the earth rotates swiftly.

My reminder: Meditate and pray.

Without much ado, here is Bared's hula hula for the Year of the Tiger:

  • ROSE SOY – Her eternal beauty shines brighter this year to continue her works as Bohol's Queen of Tourism.  However, she should think twice before investing in something.
  • Weddings to watch for this year: ALDRIN AVERGONZADO AND HIS BEAUTIFUL GIRLDFRIEND, MARRY ANNE APARECE AND JON MARK VERGA, RON TAN AND HIS BEAUTIFUL GIRLFRIEND; AND JUNIBE FROILAN AND DRA. APRIL LUMUTHANG. Possible political luminaries who might settle down this year are REP. ADAM JALA AND MAYOR NIÑO REY BONIEL. There will be weddings for sons and daughters of businessmen this year. Environmentalist HOLGER HORN will settle down this year. And how about, ehem, CHRIS RAMASOLA? He might do!
  • EJ RELAMPAGOS will open another boutique. BABY TAGOCTOC and TRACY REMOLADOR-TORRES, JOJO, HENRY BARON, OMIE AUZA still have their titles.
  • LOBOC CHILDREN'S CHOIR AND LOBOC YOUTH AMBASSADOR - They will regain "stardom" as their stars shine brightly this year.
  • MIKEY GATAL- More surprises from this guy as he will visit his dear Bohol. He should take care of his health. He is prone to scandals and he will find another love.
  • Time heals for ERIC NGO whose lovelife will be sparkling this year. His career is just average and he can establish a new business outlet.
  • KATRINA SCHOOF AND BRYANT CHU should expect the stork's visit. Same for Atty. Doi Magdoza and Aileen Tan.
  • ARDY BATOY, LOY PALAPOS AND RAUL GATAL – Career is still at its peak but they should slow down because of health reasons. How about diet and exercise?
  • ABDUL WALLACE has a promising career in modeling this year. He will be featured in some mags.
  • CATHY REMPERAS is just a cinch winning the Pinoy Big Brother Double Up... and there're more surprises from this girl.
  • INDAY RUFING AND PALOMA will face competition and their stars may smudge if they will not change strategy, no, not Inday Buling...
  • BABA YAP, RON TAN, RG ONG, MAYORS JOSE JONO JUMAMOY AND THOMAS GONZAGA will not yet get married this year even if they have beautiful and sexy girlfriends.
  • WILLY RAMASOLA AND BAMBI EVARDONE. Their "special friendship" will be even stronger. However, they should be careful because there is a third party... Oopps, the crystal ball becomes blurry! Hehehe
  • BOHOL CHRONICLE AND DYRD will initiate major reformatting of some of its programs/segments.
  • A popular provincial department head will make earth-shaking news (an expose?).
  • Another radio news program will fade out.
  • A writer and a host program will jump over the bakod.
  • A radio news reporter will disappear from the air (either to leave this world or travel).
  • A young daughter of a prominent family here might expect morning sickness. She'll come out crying on but the "culprit" will be unmoved and refuse to marry her. The family will buy her ticket for a long vacation.
  • A Boholano will bring honor to the country by winning in a competition abroad.
  • The next edition of Pinoy Fear Factor and a new reality TV show will have Boholanos who come from buena familia.
  • A popular band will be disbanded. No elaboration.
  • "Kristala" and "KingKong" vehemently denied persistent rumors that they were having an "illicit" affair that allegedly made KingKong's wife pack her things and fly in a huff ...but this year, they will be free as an eagle!
  • A rainbow of an icon in the field of beauty pageant, fashion, make-up and hairstyling will no longer be seen... forever (magslide slide sa rainbow!).
  • Bohol will pay homage to an exceptional person whose life becomes an inspiration to many artists.
  • Come and go for our priests. Faithful will pay respects to a dear spiritual adviser who is loved by many.
  • An estranged couple might reconcile (after their child's wish) but another couple is on splitsville (affecting family's decision)!
  • A fashion icon will work abroad after heartaches and depression in Bohol. Well, the icon is penniless.
  • Another gay marriage will take place on Alona shore and somewhere in the northern Corregidor of Bohol.
  • A popular politician will be forced to publicly admit that he fathered a child out of wedlock.
  • Bohol is once again in the world map. No elaboration.
  • A beauty queen will make a shocking revelation as she will reveal her body!

For May 2010:

  • Shocking revelations and more surprises in the coming elections as politicians will be mudslinging and muck-raking during the campaign. A sexy video of some politicians will be spread during the campaign trail.
  • A politician has to be hospitalized due to fatigue and stress during the campaign trail.
  • Several politicians will cry "foul!" in the May elections. Most of the winners are newbies.
  • Political/election related violence will take place in Bohol.
  • The winners? It's still CC... but Oopps, the crystal ball explodes! Hehehe


Leo P. Udtohan

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